It’s Not the End of the World…

Posted: December 20, 2012 by Sylvie in Uncategorized

2012-12-20 14.31.02

Sorry there’s another missing episode, but it’s “snowpocalypse” out here in the north… (I’m going to go snap a picture of the weather right now… brb!!!) Well, the picture doesn’t really show how bad it is out there, but here it is anyways. You can’t really see it, but the snowflakes are HUGE. And the roads are really bad.







We were supposed to podcast about the whole “end of the world” thing, but now we’ll have to find another topic for our next episode… (If it isn’t the end of the world, our podcast would be rather redundant.) Anyway, I’m leaving you with a funny from Facebook.

We’ll be podcasting again after the holidays, with a post announcing our return, whenever we figure out when that will be.

Have a good one!

S. 🙂

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