Where’s My Flying Car? Broadcast 6: The Final Episode!

Posted: September 26, 2012 by randolphlalonde in Uncategorized

While this may be the final episode of Where’s My Flying Car? it’s important to note that we’re coming back as That Geek Podcast next week.

In this broadcast we continue with our gaming discussion and wander into dangerous territory: the movie that they inspire. That’s right, we discuss game movies and that brings on a bout of nerd rage at one point as we try to find one we really like. It’s an episode worth listening to!

Our tune this week is provided by the METTAphors. You can find out where and when their playing as well as discover more of their music by visiting www.themettaphors.com.

Make sure you are back here next week when we return as That Geek Podcast!

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FOUND THE FREAKING GAME I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!! It’s called Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and here’s the cover…

This is the game whose title Sylvie couldn’t remember…

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